Active Directory Task Delegation To End Users

Today I’m going to talk a little more on Active Directory administration delegation to end users, or, at least, non AD Admins. We get a lot of questions along the following lines: “We have a thousand end users, distributed over twenty different departments. Each department has its own public folder on our file servers. Whenever … Read More

Share Management in ADUC AdminPlus

One of the perks of developing software is that you never know what you’ll run in to. Sure, you set out to develop a set of specific functions, so you start with a functional design, then a technical design, then add technical specs (you know, platform dependant stuff), and then you start building, thinking you … Read More

What’s new? Upgrading from Version 2.x to Version 3.x

As some of older clients are upgrading their 2.x versions of ADUC AdminPlus to 3.x they have asked us what’s new for managing their ActiveDirectory.       Well, this is new in V3.x: Remote Control. ADUC AdminPlus now offers a basic, but very flexible way of taking over remote desktops. A session can either … Read More


Some time ago, a customer asked us if we could incorporate remote control functionality into AdminPlus, so that their servicedesk could take over end user desktops with the same interface they use to, well, do a lot of other stuff. We know by now that if one customer makes such a request, many dozens of … Read More

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