How to delegate Active Directory tasks for IT defense safely?

DYNAMIC INTERFACING or ANOTHER WAY OF TASK DELEGATION Today I want to talk about a specific dilemma: which tasks can you safely delegate to which line of IT defence? The thing is, in most organizations a lot of tasks depend on security level rather than complexity, which means that relatively simple tasks can only be … Read More

ACL scanning and analyzing

Today I’m gonna talk about a piece of functionality that we’re really proud of, because, far as we know, it didn’t exist before we created it. It’s called ACL scanning. What, ACL scanning? You mean, like making a list of the existing ACLs on my file systems? Yes, that of course — and more. Or … Read More

Newsletter June 2012

Hi everyone, After reinventing ourselves, this is a copy of our first new newsletter. Hope you enjoy it. This one was aimed at our early clients and explains our new design and upgrade, if you’re a trial user you might enjoy it anyway. 23 June 2012 We’ve been busy over at VisionIT over the past … Read More

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