Alernative Remote Control Solution for Active Directory

Today I want to talk about the Remote Control functionality in ADUC Admin Plus, because basic RDP functionality is built into our tooling. There are literally hundreds of Remote Control tools out there, most of which are faster than our solution, one of the reasons being that we chose for P2P connectivity instead of UDP. … Read More

How To Remotely add a Printer to a User of a Computer

Remotely adding a printer in Active Directory in Real Time with aducADMIN+  aducADMIN+ allows you to find all the printers installed by all the users that have logged on to a computer. You can then add, change or remove printers in real-time. Printers added can be used immediately after you have installed them – eliminating … Read More

Active Directory Task Delegation To End Users

Today I’m going to talk a little more on Active Directory administration delegation to end users, or, at least, non AD Admins. We get a lot of questions along the following lines: “We have a thousand end users, distributed over twenty different departments. Each department has its own public folder on our file servers. Whenever … Read More

Domain Local, Global And Universal Groups

We’ve had quite a few questions about the difference between Domain Local Groups, Domain Global groups and Domain Universal groups. So, here we go: Domain Local Groups With Domain Local Groups permissions can only be assigned to resources in the same domain. Domain Local Groups can contain users, Domain Universal, and Domain Global Groups from … Read More

ACL scanning and analyzing

Today I’m gonna talk about a piece of functionality that we’re really proud of, because, far as we know, it didn’t exist before we created it. It’s called ACL scanning. What, ACL scanning? You mean, like making a list of the existing ACLs on my file systems? Yes, that of course — and more. Or … Read More

ID Mapping or, LINUX Devotees, rejoice!

We all know about the divide between windows and linux. What always fascinated me about that divide is that (a lot of) fervent linux users simply hate all windows platforms, whereas (most) windows users aren’t so much hateful towards linux, but indifferent and too lazy to get to know (one of the) linux platforms. This … Read More

Saving space by finding Obsolete Home Directories

A common problem we come across when we visit customers, is that their file servers gradually fill up, no matter what they do. They ask (or demand from) their end users to regularly clean up their public folders, home directories and profiles. They scan their file systems for avi and mp3 files, but there’s no … Read More

Active Directory Attributes explained : Last Logon & Last Logon Timestamp

There are a lot of questions out there about two Active Directory attributes, namely the Last Logon attribute and the Last Logon Timestamp attribute. First, let me list a few properties of both, and then I’ll get in to the implications.   LAST LOGON- The Last Logon Attribute is not stored in the Global Catalog. … Read More


We regularly get the question if we can solve the following problem: a customer started out with an AD forest containing only a single domain. And because universal groups used to be rather costly in terms of replication between DCs before windows 2008 (in short, all the members of the group were sent over the … Read More

Locked out users

We get a lot of questions about Active Directory users who are (suddenly) locked out. There are two scenario’s in which users are locked out: 1. It happens regularly, for instance, 10 times a day. 2. The number of locked out users suddenly spikes, for no apparent reason. Starting with the first scenario. Lock outs … Read More

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